Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register? Go to 'Get Registered'.
Where is the offender located? Go to 'Offender Search'.
Why did I get a call/text saying the offender was out of custody when they were only transferred? The offender is considered out of custody for the county prison where they were incarcerated at the time of release. Even when an offender is transferred to anther facility, it is classified as a release for the previous facility. You should receive a new notification at the time the offender is booked in the facility to which they were transferred. For more information, please contact the facility where the offender was last incarcerated.
Why didn't I get notified the offender was out of custody? Please go to 'My Dashboard' to confirm that you have registered for the offender and that your contact information is current. If both of those are correct, please send an email to for further information. Please contact your local Victim Witness Office for safety planning and additional resources.
When will the offender get released? Please go to 'Offender Search' to access information for an offender. If the information is not listed, contact the facility where the offender is currently incarcerated.
How can I access additional resources? Go to 'Provider Search' to locate additional resources and websites.
Other questions Contact your local Victim Witness Office for additional information or email